In the comfort of your Home 


Heartfelt Home Care (HHC) was founded because of the increasing need for home services in the community.  With a team that is motivated by compassion and care of others, we not only make you a part of our family, we support your family as well.  The level of care that our team provides in unmatched, as compassion and quality services are the driving forces behind everything that we do. 




There are many questions family members of an elderly person might ask themselves.

  • Are they taking their medication as prescribed?

  • Are they cooking nutritious meals for themselves?

  • Are they isolating themselves in their home?

  • OR mom had surgery, does she need extra help at home?


Let us help you gain comfort in knowing that we will assist your loved one with:

  • Medication

    • ​reminders

    • checking expiration dates

    • verifying medication is being taken as prescribed

    • etc.

  • Meals

    • ​preparing

    • checking expiration dates on foods

    • picking up needed items

  • Isolation

    • ​attending functions with clients

    • taking them for walks 

    • reading etc. 



Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) -


These are the personal functional activities fundamental for self-care and required for an individual for continued well-being.


They are generally recognized in elder care as including: Ambulation, Bathing, Continence (Incontinence), Dressing, Eating/Feeding, Toileting, and Transferring.


ADL’s can be divided into three categories:

  • Independent - means the individual can perform the ADL without help

  • Assistance - means the individual can perform some part of an activity, but cannot do it entirely alone

  • Dependent - means the individual cannot perform any part of an activity; it must be done entirely by someone else.




Providing quality home care services to aid those with limitations; in turn allowing them to have self sufficiency and a quality of life otherwise unattainable.


Our team assists with providing care that allows our clients to maintain the quality of life they desire.